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10171 日晷仪 找到 纸条 上面 鹅卵石

The speckled band ! ' (eng)

10214 要是 呆住 的话 说不定 可以 一起 回去

" You have done wisely , " said my friend . (eng) " But have you told me all ? " (eng)

10229 我们 性子

" As it happens , he spoke of coming into town to-day upon some most important business . (eng)

10230 只要 门铃 福尔摩斯 耳朵

It is probable that he will be away all day , and that there would be nothing to disturb you . (eng)

11134 ' 因为 深夜 大约 清晨 三点钟 左右 总是 听到 轻轻 清晰 口哨声

" Why ? " (eng)

11209 房子 西边 耳房 开始 进行 修缮 卧室 墙壁 所以 不得不 搬到 姐姐 丧命 房间 床上

" I must go back to-day . (eng)

11230 可能 任何 妨碍

On the evening of the second there came a letter from Hilton Cubitt . (eng) All was quiet with him , save that a long inscription had appeared that morning upon the pedestal of the sundial . (eng)

60573 昨天 去年 活力

It is interesting that " yesterday " becomes " last year " in a single night . (eng)

100048 当年 担任 苏门答腊 明古连 Bencoolen ( 现在 明古鲁 Bengkulu 总督 斯坦福 莱佛士 爵士 ( Sir Stamford Raffles ) 考查 附近 岛屿 1819 1 29 正式 登陆 新加坡

The then Lieutenant-Governor of Bencoolen ( now Bengkulu ) in Sumatra , Sir_Thomas_Stamford_Raffles landed in Singapore on 29 January 1819 , after a survey of the neighbouring islands . (eng)

100054 但是 国家 和平 繁荣 1941 12 8 第二次世界大战 期间 日本 战机 袭击 遭受 重创

But the peace and prosperity of the country suffered a major blow during World_War_II , when it was attacked by the Japanese aircrafts on 8 December 1941 . (eng)

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