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100956 其它 采用 糯米 制作 小吃 甜品 包括 年糕 汤圆

Other snacks and desserts made from glutinous rice flour include Nian_Gao and Tangyuan . (eng)

100971 煎堆 糯米 制作 海南 点心 餐厅 餐馆

Jian_Dui is a Cantonese deep-fried pastry made from glutinous rice flour , and is often found in dim sum restaurants or Hong_Kong style bakeries . (eng)

101132 十分 简单 若干 鸡肉 鸡汤 烹煮 生抽 老抽 辣椒 生姜 混合

The dish is simple : bite-sized pieces of steamed white chicken , fragrant rice ( it 's pre-fried in chicken fat and cooked in chicken broth ) , light or dark soy sauce , and a delicious ground chilli and ginger paste . (eng)

101161 豆腐 汤底 皆可 搭配 米饭 食用

Either served dry or in a soup , you can have it with a choice of rice , egg noodles or vermicelli . (eng)

101662 如果 回来 路上 顺便 日用品 可以 光顾 要求 设计 凉爽 超级市场 杂货店 采购 意大利 面食 咖啡 甚至 蛋糕

Just before you head home , pick up some groceries at jones the grocer , a minimalist designed supermarket that supplies your fill of pasta , coffee and even cake mix . (eng)

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