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598 明智 经理 明白 如果 传统 管理 惟一 作用 为了 最差 部分 亏损 转变 边际 收益 的话 未免 偿失

60061 航空界 上层 人物 叫苦不迭 如此 下去 航空 公司 早晚 成为 第二 赤字 充斥 国铁 JR 公司 首脑 因为 交通费 住宿费 服务费 国内外 价格 增大 警告 人们 产业 空洞化 现象 制造业 不断 其他 行业 扩展

Leaders of the airline industry cried , " The airline industry will soon become nothing but the second National_Railways_Corporation , which suffered from losses , " while executives of JR companies are warning against the increasing difference in the price of transportation , hotel , and service fees between Japan and overseas , saying , " de-industrialization is spreading from manufacturing industries to others . " (eng)

61335 根据 马约 加入 货币 同盟 国家 义务 实现 一定 经济 指标 财政 赤字 公债 余额 通货膨胀率 但是 欧盟 加盟 国中 符合 参加 货币 同盟 条件 人口 40万 卢森堡

According to the Maastricht_Treaty , the member states in the monetary union must meet the given economic indicators including budget deficit , outstanding public debt , inflation rate , but among the EU member states only Luxembourg , with a population of 400,000 , fulfills the conditions for joining the union . (eng)

61742 墨西哥 货币 危机 背景 在于 进口 增加 贸易 赤字 增大 加之 国内 政治 稳定

The backdrop of this currency crisis in Mexico is the political anxieties in the country as well as the increased trade deficits attributed to the growth of imports . (eng)

61745 当时 财政 赤字 严重 通货膨胀 加剧 整体 经济 结构 问题

With the monstrous fiscal deficit and mounting inflation , the whole economical structure was in trouble back in those days . (eng)

61746 之后 财政 赤字 通货膨胀 状况 得到 显著 改善

Later on , Mexico 's fiscal deficit and inflation improved significantly . (eng)

61754 美国 弥补 财政 赤字 资金 一时 直接 投资 筹措 但是 渠道 减少 亚洲 [ 中央 银行 购买 美元 补偿 现在 短期 金融 市场 吸收 中心

While direct foreign investments were covering the US fiscal deficit for a time , as their volume grew less , dollar-buying by central banks in Asia and others made up for the loss , and now funds are mainly from borrowing on the short-term money market . (eng)

61756 墨西哥 货币 危机 因为 过去 一直 支付 经常 收支 赤字 来自 美国 资金 流入 减少 反而 遭遇 资本 外逃

The Mexican currency crisis was also due to the situation where the capital influx from the US that had been covering the current account deficit dwindled down or even started to leave the country . (eng)

61829 改变 削减 财政 赤字 政策 支柱 克林顿 总统 迄今 为止 政策 即使 认为 为了 拉拢 人心 办法 决断

As this changes Mr._Clintons ' policy where reduction of the fiscal deficit had been the pillar , it is a decision that could only be seen as a popularity-seeking tactic . (eng)

61835 致力于 削减 财政 赤字 可以 给予 高度 评价

His efforts in reducing the fiscal deficit can be highly praised . (eng)

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