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601 这个 回答 通常 伴随 说法 指望 开源 社区 ´迷人 或者 技术 有趣 工作 否则 半途而废 敷衍 了事 除非 他们 变成 经理 鞭打 收入 微薄 苦工

11056 目前 无力 酬劳 帮助 以内 即将 结婚 那时 支配 自己 收入 至少 可以 发现 忘恩负义

I 'll begin at the time of my marriage last year , but I want to say first of all that , though I 'm not a rich man , my people have been at Riding Thorpe for a matter of five centuries , and there is no better known family in the County of Norfolk . (eng)

11303 可是 女儿 结婚 索取 二百五十 英镑 收入

" Was it she who gave the alarm ? " (eng)

11304 因此 明显 假如 小姐 ' 妙人儿 ' 剩下 菲薄 收入 甚至 即使 结了婚 弄得 狼狈

" She and Mrs. King , the cook . " (eng)

60993 实际 收入 大幅度 减少

Real income , however , is decreasing sharply . (eng)

60994 产量 虽然 增加 但是 除去 家庭 劳作 肥料 农药 消耗 税金 费用 农民 收入 只有 一点七 美元 胡志明市 三轮车 车夫 可以 赚到

" After deducting taxes and pesticide and fertilizer costs and including the family 's labor , a farmer makes only 1.7_dollars a day . This is as much as a cyclo driver in Ho_Chi_Minh_City makes in one trip , " he says . (eng)

61056 汉族 翻译 顺芳 小姐 农民 收入 增加 所以 建造 坚固 砖房 理所当然

As my Han interpreter , Ms._Tang_Sunfang explains , " The farmers have more income , so it 's only natural they change to durable brick housing . " (eng)

61741 美国 [ 联邦 储备 委员会 承诺 400亿 美元 融资 筹资 保证 方面 [ 墨西哥 政府 表明 石油 收入 充当 融资 保证 担保 因此 周末 市场 终于 得以 恢复 稳定

While the US government and the Federal_Reserve_Board_of_Governors have promised loan and financing guarantees of 40 forty_billion_dollars , the Mexican government has announced to offer oil revenues as a security for the loan guarantee ; the exchange market finally calmed down last weekend . (eng)

61841 因此 如果 克林顿 总统 能够 给予 国民 所得 增加 实际 感觉 发挥 外交 手腕 的话 存有 恢复 信任 可能性

Therefore , if President_Clinton can make the income growth be felt by the American people and demonstrate diplomatic skills , it is still possible for him to recover his popularity . (eng)

100389 最初 粿条 通常 渔民 农民 夜间 售卖 以此 增加 收入 他们 饭菜 加工 小吃 因此 粿条 制法 许多

In its early days , char kway teow was mostly sold by fishermen and farmers who doubled up as food peddlers at night to supplement their income ; they used to use leftovers from meals to whip up this dish , hence its multiple ingredient mix . (eng)

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