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61183 而且 铁三角形 这些 行业 逐渐 扩大

Furthermore , the iron triangle of politicians , bureaucrats and businesses proliferated within these sectors . (eng)

61201 应该 正在 寻找 机会 从政 铁三角 脱离 出来 业务

There has to be some new businesses trying to find a way to get out of the iron triangle of politicians , bureaucrats and businesses . (eng)

61219 如果 加上 官僚 议员 再次 形成 铁三角

If links are made with certain segments of the bureaucracy and Diet members who are beholden to special interests , one could see a rebuilding of " special interest triangles " involving politicians , bureaucrats , and business elements . (eng)

61503 打破 支撑 中央 集权 行业 三角 关系

Decentralization also means it will destroy the triangle of politicians , bureaucrats and big business that support the centralization of power . (eng)

62032 上次 首相 雄辩 没有 什么 时候 现在 这样 需要 我们 彻底 消除 政治 腐败 勾结 体制 造成 国民 政治 不信任 以及 建立 真正 代表 国民 利益 健全 政党 政治 然而 乏味 力图 实现 充分 体现 选举 制度 宗旨 政党 为主 政治 彻底 防止 腐败

Where Mr._Murayama had been eloquent in his last speech remarking that " efforts to dispel the public distrust in politics caused by corruption , collusive structure of the government , bureaucrats and industry and other related problems and to establish sound party politics that will truly speak for the benefit of the people are needed now more than ever , " in this speech he was curt , and said that his government would " realize the party-oriented politics making the most of the intent of the new electoral system and to ensure the total ban of corruption . " (eng)

102058 新加坡 兼容并蓄 采纳 四大 种族 语言 宪法 规定 语言 英语 汉语 马来 泰米尔语

As a reflection of its collage of cultures , Singapore has adopted one representative language for each of the four major ethnic or ' racial ' groups . (eng) The four official languages in Singapore 's constitution are English , Chinese , Malay and Tamil . (eng)

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