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60415 确实 现在 香港 居住 印度人 很多 十九 世纪 来到 香港 警察 印度 商人 后裔

Certainly , of the Indians living in Hong_Kong , it is not uncommon to be descended from police or Indian merchants who came to Hong_Kong in the 19th century . (eng)

61171 通产 官僚 时代 提倡 商人 国家 天谷直弘

It was Mr._Naohiro_Amaya who preached the " Chonin_Kokka_Ron " during his tenure as an official at the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry . (eng)

61172 因为 我国 商人 故此 稻穗 一样 谦虚 谨慎 垂首 让步

" As our country is a nation of merchants , we bow our heads like ears of rice plants . " (eng)

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