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101248 在此 期间 空旷 常常 见到 各式各样 帐篷 因为 中国 喜欢 皮影戏 表演 热闹 现场 表演 形式 鬼魂 提供 娱乐 内容 讲述 神仙 故事 而且 各种 中国 方言 当地 弹拨 乐器 歌舞 元素 表演 滑稽 甚至 穿 弹力 紧身衣 杂技 演员 表演 惊险 杂技 舞蹈

It is not uncommon to see various forms of tentage set up in open fields during this period , for the Chinese also believe in entertaining the spirits with boisterous live wayang and getai performances not only depicting tales of the divine gods and goddesses , but also bawdy stand-up comedy with a local twang , song and dance numbers in the various Chinese dialects and even sensually acrobatic pole dancing by felinely lithe spandex clad dancers . (eng)

101252 为了 安抚 这些 四处 鬼魂 中国 举办 各种 观赏 活动 盛大 酒宴 五花八门 木偶 戏剧 歌唱 表演

From grand feasts costing thousands of dollars to a mélange of puppetry , opera and singing performances , the various ways with which the Chinese appease these roaming spirits is fascinating to watch , these festivities usually take place across the various neighbourhoods like Chinatown , Redhill and Geylang so check these out if you 're feeling a little adventurous and want to lose yourself in a truly local experience . (eng)

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