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11039 身材 相貌 三十 模样 可是 头发 夹杂 表情 萎靡 憔悴

" Well , Mr. Holmes , what do you make of these ? " he cried . (eng) " They told me that you were fond of queer mysteries , and I do n't think you can find a queerer one than that . (eng)

100332 公司 拥有 250 巴士 线路 3000 巴士 新加坡 班车 市场 份额 75%

Covering 75 % of the scheduled bus market share in Singapore with 250 bus services and a fleet of close to 3,000 buses , SBS_Transit is Singapore 's major bus service operator . (eng)

100401 红色 散发 带有 米醋 香味 面粉 鸡蛋 烹调 收尾 阶段 鸡蛋 加入 采用 使 充满 蓬松 酥软 口感

The red-tangy sauce is made deliciously fragrant with light flavourings of garlic and rice vinegar , while thickening flour and egg ribbons ( produced by adding beaten eggs towards the end of the cooking process ) give the chilli crab dish the fluffy texture it 's known for . (eng)

100430 沿着 步行 壮观 宏大 佛牙 展现 眼前 供奉 珍贵 佛牙 舍利

Both the Sri_Mariamman_Temple and Jamae_Mosque on South_Bridge_Road are among the oldest places of worship in Singapore , while a little further on down the road , you can also find the visually stunning Buddha_Tooth_Relic_Temple , which reputedly contains a tooth of the Buddha . (eng)

100448 福建 菜单 特色 福建 炒面 鲜美 菜肴 使用 大蒜 对虾 猪肉 鱿鱼 豆芽 鸡蛋 韭黄 炒制 小麦 / 米面

A favourite on the Hokkien menu is the fried hokkien mee a tasty dish created with a rich mixture of wheat flour noodles and rice vermicelli fried with garlic , prawns , pork , sliced squid , bean sprouts , eggs , and Chinese chives . (eng)

101207 发现 萝卜 顿觉 口感 独特

If you look closely , you will find strips of radish in the carrot cake , giving it a nice texture . (eng)

101266 这里 要诀 就是 红豆 上面 得很 以至于 便 甜蜜 糖浆

But bear this in mind : A good ice kachang is one where the ice is cleanly shaven to very small bits ; so much so that when you put a spoonful in your mouth , the ice should just melt in your mouth together with the sweet tasting syrup . (eng)

102297 天然 猪肉 使用 猪肉 美国 天然 放养

Another version that this stall offers is the “natural pork” belly soup, using pork from the US that is farmed naturally and fed natural feed. (eng)

102528 盘龙 花岗岩 石柱 以及 屋脊 珍珠 可谓 南安 会馆

Four carved granite columns with entwined dragons and two dragons in pearl on the roof ridges are also a display of the Lam_Ann clan heritage . (eng)

102534 节日 为了 庆祝 新加坡 罗拔申 码头 一路 流淌 皇后 新加坡 著名 传统 景点

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