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11121 耳房 卧室 起居室 房子 中间 部位

But this particular sample is so short that I can do nothing , and the facts which you have brought me are so indefinite that we have no basis for an investigation . (eng)

11352 过去 寝室 当中 那间 姐姐 房间 主楼 那间 罗伊洛特 医生 卧室

But who could that have been , and how could he have got away ? " (eng)

11354 但是 现在 当中 那间 睡觉

" That is the problem which we are now about to solve , " said Sherlock Holmes . (eng) " You remember , Inspector Martin , when the servants said that on leaving their room they were at once conscious of a smell of powder , I remarked that the point was an extremely important one ? " (eng)

11376 这些 家具 加上 柳条 椅子 这个 房间 全部 摆设 只是 当中 方形 威尔顿 地毯 而已 房间 四周 木板 嵌板 蛀孔 斑斑 棕色 栎木 十分 陈旧 并且

You said , Mrs. King , that you were awakened by a LOUD explosion . (eng)

11517 我们 信号 " 福尔摩斯 起来 当中 房间 出来

" You 're crazy ! " he cried , fiercely . (eng) " It was he that was hurt , not she . (eng)

60002 进攻 俄罗斯 南部 车臣 共和国 首都 格罗兹尼 俄罗斯 军队 三十一日 出动 装甲车 进攻 首都 中心 地带 总统 官邸 着火

Russian troops which advanced on the Chechen capital of Grozny , mounted an offensive on the central area of the capital with armored vehicles , setting several buildings , including the presidential palace , on fire . (eng)

100506 多年来 游行 路线 覆盖 新加坡 多数 中心 地区 包括 欧南 Outram Park 乌节 牛车水 以及 市政厅

Over the years, the route for the parade has covered most of the central areas of Singapore like Outram Park, Orchard Road, Chinatown and City Hall. (eng)

100717 中央 商务 之外 加冷河 KallangRiver 观看 龙舟 比赛 场所

The Kallang_River just outside the Central_Business_District is another venue where you can take in dragon boat racing . (eng)

101116 5 28 7 25 商城 购物 中心 参与 折扣 高达 70% 缤纷 热卖 盛会 包括 乌节 中央 购物 地带 滨海 Marina Bay 以及 郊区 购物 商城 献上 精彩 超值 购物 体验 其中 乌节 ION Orchard 313@somerset 文华 购物 潮流 胜地 首次 参加 GSS 活动

101247 观看 传统 仪式 最佳 地点 新加坡 中心 信徒 成群结队 这里 烧香 供奉 祭品 例如 祷文 水果 蜜桔 食物 乳猪 米饭 偶尔 专门 为此 制作 中国 糕点

The best places to watch how the traditional rites are practised in Singapore are in the soul of the heartlands , where fellow believers congregate to burn incense sticks and present their offerings in the form of prayer , fruit such as Mandarin oranges , food such as roasted suckling pig , bowls of rice and occasionally a local Chinese cake made especially for the occasion . (eng)

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