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60007 此外 据说 杜达耶夫 总统 现在 正在 前来 谈判 俄罗斯 议会 代表团 成员 一起 防空洞 避难 平安无事

Also , President_Dudayev was said to be safe , taking refuge in a bomb shelter together with the delegation from the Russian_Federal_Assembly with whom he had been negotiating . (eng)

60208 作为 应当 回到 国营 行业 副总理 列举 能源 军需 产业 如果 外国 企业 能够 取得 百分之十五 股份 代表 进入 董事会 俄罗斯 国家 安全 保障 带来 直接 威胁

The Vice_Premier cited as domains to be re-nationalized , aluminum , energy and munitions , stating , " The acquisition by foreign enterprises of 15 percent of the shares in our country and authorizing their representatives to serve on boards of directors , will pose a direct threat to the national security of Russia . " (eng)

60429 去年 作为 工商 协会 代表团 成员 访问 北京

Last year he visited Beijing as one of the representatives of the Chamber_of_Commerce . (eng)

61156 彻底 看清 候选人 是否 足以 国民 代表 政治 志向

Thoroughly evaluate whether or not the candidates possess the " political vision " worthy of being the " people 's representatives " ; (eng)

61236 现在 波斯尼亚・赫尔兹哥比纳 作为 联合国 秘书长 特别 代表 全力以赴 收拾 内战 明石康 第一 线 指挥 救济 卢旺达 难民 联合国 难民 高级 专员 绪方贞子 举动 充分 满足 期待

Such hopes are , I think , being well responded to at present by the activities of Mr._Akaishi_Yasushi , who as the UN_Secretary-General's_Special_Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina is directing every effort to the task of ending a civil war , and by the activities of Mrs._Ogata_Sadako , the UN_High_Commissioner_for_Refugees , who is taking the lead in coordinating assistance to refugees in Rwanda and other parts of the world . (eng)

61251 例如 政府 代表团 并肩 参加 关于 全球性 问题 世界 会议 非政府 组织 活动 范围 日趋 扩大

At international conferences dealing with global issues , NGOs are widening their scope of action , often participating side-by-side with governmental delegations . (eng)

61593 交涉 首席 代表 加卢西 承诺 继续 北朝鲜 提供 重油 表示 自信

Mr._Gallucci , head of the US delegation for the US-North_Korea negotiations , seems confident that the crude oil supply to North_Korea will continue as promised . (eng)

61721 选区 比例 代表 并立 最终 设想 政党制 制度 但是 我们 一下子 形成 党制 感到 踌躇

The combination of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation is a system that ultimately assumes a political system with two major parties , but we are ambivalent about rushing into it at one go . (eng)

61973 据说 听取 村山富市 首相 施政 方针 演说 代表 提问 以及 预算 委员会 在野 新进党 海部 俊树 党首 推举 明天 内阁 阁员 挑起 类型 论战

It has been reported that during the question period and the appropriation committee meeting following the administrative policy speech by Prime_Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama , the opposition New_Frontier_Party will introduce the Ministers of the " Tomorrow Cabinet " led by the party head Toshiki_Kaifu and will challenge the government with a debate in an unconventional way . (eng)

61974 据说 尤其是 海部 打算 充分 利用 提问 时间 进行 提案型 代表 咨询 新进党 政见 政府 政策 差异 得以 明确化 如果 通过 论战 突出 立轴 不错

In particular , it is said that Mr._Kaifu intends to take full advantage of his question time and put forward " proposal-style " questions to clarify the party 's political view and how it differs from the government measures and policies , which will be fine if the debate during the process leads to the revelation of issues to be confronted . (eng)

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