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11072 可是 世纪 连续 子嗣 生性 荒淫 浪荡 挥霍无度 摄政 时期 终于 赌棍 最后 倾家荡产

It was only the day before our wedding that she said those very words to me . (eng)

100925 他们 祖先 移居 新加坡 带来 来自 中华 各地 民间 一代 传承 下来

The Chinese , meanwhile , know quite a variety of traditional folk dances , an art inherited from their ancestors who migrated to Singapore from various parts of China . (eng)

100968 小吃 相传 售卖 食物 金光灿灿 垂涎

This third- generation heritage hawker sells all things golden and lovely . (eng)

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