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60111 促进会 个别 [ 新民联 议员 劝说道 脱党 倒阁 通过 脱党 骚动 关心 地方 总部 劳动 工会 积极 进行 分化 瓦解 活动

The " Association , " which asserts that " secession is equal to anti-Cabinet movement , " individually dissuaded secessionists from the party and members of the New_Democratic_League , and actively prevails on the local headquarters and labor unions , which regard the secession as unfavorable . (eng)

60390 改善 女佣 劳动 条件 进行 活动 Asian Domestic Workers Union [ 亚洲 家庭 劳动者 协会 负责人 莱茜・伯罗冈 女士

This is according to Remi_Borongan , chairperson of the Asian_Domestic_Workers_Union , which is fighting for improvements in the employment conditions of maids . (eng)

60391 这个 协会 总部 [ 九龙 半岛 闹市 油麻 地区 陈旧 杂居 公寓 居室

The union 's headquarters are in a one bedroom apartment in an old multi-purpose building in the Yaomade district of downtown Kowloon . (eng)

60394 协会 靠着 菲律宾 国内 汇款 所剩无几 生活费 三十 港币 入会费 港币 会费 运营

The Union runs its activities from monthly fees of ten Hong_Kong dollars and entry fees of 30 Hong_Kong dollars , money given from whatever is left over for living expenses after sending money back home . (eng)

60428 拉吉 先生 曾经 由近 印裔 企业 组成 [ 香港 印度 工商 协会 前任 主席

Raji is the former head of the Indian_Chamber_of_Commerce_Hong_Kong , made up of approximately one_thousand Indian-affiliated and other companies . (eng)

60429 去年 作为 工商 协会 代表团 成员 访问 北京

Last year he visited Beijing as one of the representatives of the Chamber_of_Commerce . (eng)

60435 这个 工商 协会 强烈 要求 解决 国籍 问题

The Indian_Chamber_of_Commerce_Hong_Kong is strongly appealing to both Britain and China for a resolution to the statehood issue . (eng)

61071 [ 日本 自治 团体 工会 总部 高知市 大津市 百分之三十 市町村 废除 条款

According to the Ministry_of_Home_Affairs , about thirty percent of all municipalities in the nation , including Kochi and Otsu_Cities , have abolished the nationality clause . (eng)

61680 [ 日本 工会 联合会 召开 中央 斗争 委员会 扩大 会议 设定 春斗 高潮

On that day , the Japanese_Trade_Union_Confederation ( Rengo ) also convened the extended Central_Struggle_Committee and fixed the " peak " of the spring offensive , when individual unions will receive management responses concerning wage hikes . (eng)

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