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60001 另外 村山富市 首相 一九九五年 解散 众议院 进行 大选 可能性 表明 否定性 见解 并且 明确 否定 预定 二十日 召开 通常 国会 改组 内阁

He also responded negatively to the possibility of dissolution of the House_of_Representatives and general elections before the end of 1995 , and clearly denied a cabinet reshuffle would take place prior to the ordinary Diet session scheduled to be convened on the 20th . (eng)

60074 可以 预测 选举 制度 解散 众议院 实施 大选

Moreover , dissolution of the Diet and a general election under the new system is anticipated during this year . (eng)

60144 尽管 如此 [ 新闻社 还是 去年 十二月 全体 众议院 议员 实施 问卷 调查 询问 一九九六年 一月 一日 首相

Still , the Mainichi_Newspapers asked a question , " Who do you think will be the prime minister as of January 1 , 1996 ? " in the questionnaire survey last December of all members of the House_of_Representatives . (eng)

61130 我国 政界 具有 时代 意义 旁听席 张张 热心 紧张 听众 面孔 紧挨 在一起

" On the day that marked a new era in the political arena in Japan , as expected the tense faces of the enthusiastic audience peered out row after row in the tightly crammed public gallery of both Houses .... " (eng)

61289 也许 出于 看清 欧洲 日本 具体 要求 美国 态度 心情 文部省 学术 审议会 加速器 科学 会议 没有 深入 讨论 只是 加速器 直接 有关 专家们 同意 参加

As they may have been waiting to see Europe 's specific demand on Japan and what the US would do first , there were no in-depth discussions at the meeting of the Accelerator_Science_Subcommittee_of_Academic_Committee_of_the_Science_Council in the Ministry_of_Education , and the experts who had direct dealings with accelerators approved of the participation among themselves . (eng)

61454 众议院 选区 划分法 已经 成立 根据 选区 比例 代表 并立 选举 制度 施行 从而 进入 新年 以后 何时 解散 进行 大选 可以 状态

A law was passed to draw the boundaries the single-seal Lower_House districts ; the new electoral system based on the combination of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation has been enforced and we can expect the dissolution of the Diet and a general election any day . (eng)

61504 地方 分权 争论 直接 起因 临时 行政 改革 推进 审议会 前年 秋季 提出 最终 报告

The current discussions over decentralization of power started as a direct result of the final report submitted by Special_Advisory_Council on Enforcement_of_Administrative_Reform in the fall of the year before last . (eng)

61505 审议会 认为 地方 分权 推进 地方 自治 确立 现在 回避 时代 要求 强烈 要求 政府 做出 努力

The Special_Advisory_Council pressed the government to address the issue of decentralization since " promoting decentralization and establishing local autonomy are the inescapable demands of the present day . " (eng)

61556 因此 厚生省 医疗 工作者 审议会 临床 实习 会议 总结 希望 临床 实习 作为 必修课 力求 改善 实习 内容 意见书

Under these circumstances , the Clinical_Training_Subcommittees in the Council for those Engaged in Medical_Services have prepared a report saying , " it is desirable to make clinical training mandatory and to improve the substance of training . " (eng)

61817 众议院 议长 纽特・金里奇 口号 政府

The buzzword of Newt_Gingrich , the new Speaker_of_the_House_of_Representatives , is " small government . " (eng)

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