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60197 劲儿

Alcohol takes effect quickly . (eng)

60201 出外 打工 年轻 小伙子们 城市 回来 喜悦 新年 开始

Young men come home from big cities , where they have gone to find jobs , to welcome the New_Year , when they drink , drink , and then drink . (eng)

60965 例如 参观 湄公河 老挝 民族 传统 [

This includes , for example , a trip to a traditional Lao " alcohol-making village " on the banks of the Mekong_River . (eng)

60966 河岸 摆放 数百 酒缸 四周 飘溢 香味

Hundreds of urns line the river bank and the smell of shochu is everywhere . (eng)

102552 美元 鸡尾酒 严崇文 首创 萨默赛特 毛姆 提及 酒品 同样 享誉 四方

The “Million Dollar Cocktail” was also created by Ngiam, where it gained similar recognition after Somerset Maugham featured it in his short story, “The Letter”. (eng)

103221 年以来 世界 美食家 峰会 一直 专注 美食 独特 就餐 方式 已经 发展 成为 东南亚 地区 首屈一指 美食

Over the years, the festival, with its emphasis on fine cuisine, great wines and unique dining, has come into its own as Southeast Asia’s premier fine dining festival. (eng)

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