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100390 粿条 扁平 米粉 类似 意大利面 生抽 老抽 马来煎 belachan 罗望子 豆芽 韭菜 腊肠 以及 鸟蛤 一起 翻炒

Char kway teow, loosely translated as “stir-fried rice cake strips”, is made by stir-frying flat rice noodles (similar to the Italian tagliatelle) with light and dark soy sauce, a dash of belachan (shrimp paste), tamarind juice, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and cockles. (eng)

100450 欢迎 佳肴 薄饼 popiah 春卷 里面 馅料 萝卜 竹笋 豆芽 对虾 鸡蛋 腊肠 大蒜 辣椒 以及 酱油 制成

Another much-loved dish is popiah or spring rolls , which are rolled crepes filled with shredded Chinese turnips , bamboo shoots , bean sprouts , prawns , eggs and Chinese sausage , seasoned with garlic , chilli paste , and sweet bean sauce . (eng)

100948 海天楼 餐馆 烹制 萝卜糕 —— 通常 新鲜 萝卜 搭配 腊肠 虾米 长方形 煎炸

Restaurants such as Hai Tien Lo offer a Cantonese variation of the fried carrot cake - usually served with fresh radish, “lup cheong” (preserved Chinese sausage) and shrimp, in large rectangular slabs that are first steamed then fried whole. (eng)

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