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100540 时装 纷纷 临时 搭建 彩灯 节日 饰品 装点 五彩缤纷 舞台 等待 本地 模特 登台 表演 —— 圣诞 季节 时髦 节目 城市 增添 节日 喜庆

And for fashion fans , look out for the colourful make-shift stages which are decked out in glittering lights and decorative baubles , all ready for local and regional models to strut across them in the season 's trendiest style offerings adding to the already bustling festival vibe in the city . (eng)

100865 新加坡 众多 精彩 节目 目不暇接 如果 查看 我们 完整 活动 日历

Singapore is jam-packed with lots of exciting programmes , and our full events calendar proves just that . (eng)

101635 马来 电视 综艺 节目 经常 见到 Zapin 因为 本质上 喜庆 音乐 joget 受到 葡萄牙 非常 深远 影响

Zapin is frequently used in variety shows on Malay television today as it is most festive by nature , while the joget possesses strong Portuguese influences . (eng)

102728 新达 开业 1995 而且 因为 独特 喷泉 曾经 多次 出现 电视 节目 The Amazing Race

Certainly one of the biggest and possibly one of the best known , it opened in 1995 and has featured in TV reality show The_Amazing_Race several times thanks to its distinctive fountain . (eng)

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