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10028 “嘿 福尔摩斯 孩子

" Good-morning , madam , " said Holmes cheerily . (eng) " My name is Sherlock Holmes . (eng)

10041 纸条 寄来 为了 以前 时间 研究

" You must not fear , " said he soothingly , bending forward and patting her forearm . (eng) " We shall soon set matters right , I have no doubt . (eng) You have come in by train this morning , I see . " (eng)

10043 怎么 重视 这样

" No , but I observe the second half of a return ticket in the palm of your left glove . (eng)

100440 这里 喜爱 美食 包括 鱼丸 薄皮卷 小麦 大米 面粉 制作 卷饼 其中 萝卜 作为

The more popular dishes here include fishball noodles and Char_Kway_Teow ( a noodle dish fried with fresh cockles ) . (eng)

100637 牛车水 ( Chinatown ) 印度 ( Little India ) 阿拉伯街 ( Arab Street , ) 购买 自己 感兴趣 珠宝 首饰 牛车水 夜市 小摊 筷子 各色 包包 作为 礼物

Pick up some interesting curios and quirky jewellery at neighbourhoods like Chinatown , Little_India and Arab_Street , and find gifts such as chopstick sets , paper dragons and appliquéd bags at street stalls in the Chinatown_Night_Market . (eng)

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