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11208 继父 婚事 没有 表示 异议 我们 商定 春天 时候 结婚

" I fear it is too deep a case for such simple remedies , " said Holmes . (eng) " How long can you stay in London ? " (eng)

61359 环境厅 [ 国立 水俣病 研究 中心 根据 日本 巴西 科学 技术 合作 协定 [ 里约 大学 共同 主办 会议 给予 积极 评价

We applaud that the National_Institute_for_Minamata_Disease_of_the_Environment_Agency hosted this conference together with the University_of_Rio de Janeiro in accordance with the Japan-Brazil_Science and Technology_Cooperation_Agreement . (eng)

62127 首都 地区 东京都 为主 缔结 有关 灾害 相互 援助 协定

In the Tokyo metropolitan area , seven jurisdictions including Tokyo have entered into an agreement concerning the mutual support at the time of natural disasters . (eng)

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