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10311 眼睛 看出 坚定不移 决心 准备 毕生 力量 追查 案子 一直 搭救 委托人 最后 为止

At Waterloo we were fortunate in catching a train for Leatherhead , where we hired a trap at the station inn and drove for four or five miles through the lovely Surrey lanes . (eng)

60341 很多 怀 香港 回归 不安 英国 殖民地 解放 出来 自豪感 心情 同时 面临 现实 选择 我们 这些 自己 力量 闯天下 有所 不同 所以 最近 香港 移民 打破 中国籍 移民 传统 模式

" There is trepidation about the future due to the reversion of Hong_Kong and pride about being liberated from British colonialism . Caught between these two emotions , many people were forced to make a practical decision . In short , this was different from those people who were searching for a better life on an individual level . The recent immigrants from Hong_Kong are breaking the pattern of traditional Chinese immigration . " (eng)

60811 因为 人们 认为 虽然 作为 实业家 驰名 内外 但是 具有 美国 杯赛 登上 顶峰 力量

Even though he had become famous as an entrepreneur , he was not thought to have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the America_'s_Cup . (eng)

60819 女子 能否 胜任 需要 体力 激烈 比赛 十分 注目 反过来说 是否 制造 女性 力量 可以 战胜 肌肉 丰满 男性 帆船 值得 拭目以待

Attention may focus on how far the women can advance in fierce competition demanding strength and stamina , but conversely it will be interesting to see if an object can really be made that will allow women to win over the men 's greater physical might . (eng)

60944 现在 占族 伊斯兰 复兴 注入 力量

The Cham are now pouring their energy into reviving their Islamic faith . (eng)

61192 无论 企业 还是 银行 由于 泡沫 经济 崩溃 没有 迎接 风险 气力

After the bubble burst , businesses and banks have yet to work up the energy to confront new risks . (eng)

61652 而且 去年 秋天 中间 选举 国会 势力 逆转 总统 处于 窘境

Furthermore , he is having a tough time with the midterm election results that turned the tables for the Republicans in Congress . (eng)

61804 参考 美国 例子 我国 综合 研究 开发 机构 正在 进行 致力于 行政 企业 难以 问题 市民 活动 组织 作为 第三 力量 定位 有关 市民 公益 活动 基础 整顿 调查 研究 提议 制定 民间 公益 活动 基本法 另外 新党 先驱 开始 设立 制定 法案 研究 计划

Seeing the American system as a model , here in Japan_the_National_Institute_for_Research_Advancement ( NIRA ) has pushed ahead with " the study on developing a foundation for citizens ' public-interest activities " which places civil activity organizations as a_third force in addressing problems difficult for government and companies to handle , and while it proposes the enactment of the " Fundamental Civic_Non-Profit_Activity_Law , " the New_Harbinger_Party_Sakigake got the study project to draft the bill off the ground . (eng)

61894 政府 有关 人士 口中 经常 说出 出乎 预料 摇动 超出 预测 力量 导致

This time , government officials have often mentioned that " the magnitude was unexpected " and " the force beyond anyone 's expectation worked . " (eng)

100877 最初 制作者 新加坡 马来亚 来自 印度 喀拉拉 印度 族裔 他们 鲷鱼 鱼头 蔬菜 咖喱 一起 酸酸 罗望子 调味 终于 造就 难忘 鱼头 招牌

Originally created by Singapore's Malayalee ( an Indian ethnic group from the Southern_Indian state of Kerala ) community , it is prepared by stewing the head of an ikan merah ( red snapper fish ) in a spicy-hot curry with vegetables ; with the sour-tasting tamarind flavour an unmistakable signature of this dish . (eng)

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