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60068 精通 选举 中坚 议员 分析 对于 年长 现任 议员 依靠 政党 招牌 候选人 明显 不利 实力 内阁 成员 担心 国会 议员 工作会 消失 议员 存在 价值 降低

" They are extremely disadvantageous for the aged members and candidates who depend only on the name of the party in power , " analyzed a mainstay member who is known as an elections expert , while an influential Cabinet minister is afraid that " members of the Diet may lose their jobs and their existence value . " (eng)

60450 一九三五年 当时 关根 金次郎 十三 名人 决定 引退 当时 结束 持续 三百多 世袭 名人制 设立 实力 决定 日本 冠军 锦标赛 开辟 途径

In 1935 when the then-13th shogi Meijin , Kinjiro_Sekine , decided to retire , a new title championship was established to decide the Japanese champion based on skill instead of the more than 300-year old traditional hereditary Meijin system . (eng)

60460 结果 获得 冠军 登上 实力 制度 名人 宝座

Kimura won the championship in the end and became the first Meijin to reign under the tournament system . (eng)

60461 从此 发挥 无敌 实力 一起 称为 时代 英雄

Kimura continued to demonstrate unmatchable prowess and became a hero of the times , joining the ranks of yokozuna Futabayama . (eng)

60523 这个 历史 古迹 根据 第二十三 秀哉 英明 决定 成为 实力 围棋 比赛 今年 迎来 第五十 比赛

It was the decision of the 23rd holder of this historical family name , Shusai , to transform the go championship title into a competition based on skill , which this year is hailing its 50th seven-game match . (eng)

60530 第二十三 本因坊 秀哉 名人 一九三七年 决定 引退 设立 实力 水平 坊赛 暂且 [ 东京 日日 新闻社 [ 大阪 新闻社 让出 传统 名誉

In 1937 the 23rd Honinbo_Shusai decided to retire and yielded the Honinbo name to the Tokyo_Nichinichi and Osaka_Mainichi_Daily_News newspapers in order to establish a Honinbo title system based on open competition . (eng)

60532 实力 争夺 传统 名誉 本身 创新 而且 采用 现行 子儿 围棋 崭新 事物

The concept of open competition for the Honinbo name alone was a landmark decision , but the introduction of the presently used komi , or compensatory point , system was also an innovation . (eng)

60544 其他 比赛 不起眼 本因坊 秀格 本因坊 比赛 发挥 超群 实力

The now Honinbo_Shukaku did not show such prowess in other go matches , but when it came to the Honinbo tournament he displayed formidable prowess . (eng)

60819 女子 能否 胜任 需要 体力 激烈 比赛 十分 注目 反过来说 是否 制造 女性 力量 可以 战胜 肌肉 丰满 男性 帆船 值得 拭目以待

Attention may focus on how far the women can advance in fierce competition demanding strength and stamina , but conversely it will be interesting to see if an object can really be made that will allow women to win over the men 's greater physical might . (eng)

60858 擅长 比赛 拉塞尔・库茨 实力 水手 阵容 强大

The crew is made up of outstanding members such as Russell_Coutts , who is formidable in match races . (eng)

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