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236 错误 不同 操作 习惯 环境 表现 不同 症状

60560 认真 对弈 态度 成为 年轻 棋手 目标

He is becoming a target for younger players , who also emulate his stern playing demeanor . (eng)

60656 另外 岩国 表明 态度

Mr._Iwakuni has not publicized his intention yet . (eng)

61159 现在 立即 解除 采用 上门 访问 方式 选举 运动 禁令 根本 可能

It would simply be impossible to lift the ban on election campaigns by door-to-door canvassing right this minute . (eng)

61188 看法 认为 由于 扮演 五五年 体制 正反 主角 自民 社会 上台 限制 缓和 慎重 态度 不得已

Some have a view where the cautious approach to deregulation is unavoidable now that both the LDP and Social_Party , the leading players of the 1955 System on stage and behind the scenes , have come into the picture . (eng)

61218 仅仅 口头 空喊 缓和 限制 时代 如果 步入 具体化 阶段 行业 表现 反对 消极 态度

If we reach the stage where the " loosening of regulations " is no longer just a slogan but is entering a stage of specific action , there will be more examples in the business world of parties who show a passive attitude or even outright opposition . (eng)

61239 为了 能够 国际 社会 显身手 首先 必须 能够 准确 进行 交流 作为 交流 手段 最低 条件 熟练 使用 外语 特别是 英语 然后 能够 全球性 眼光 广泛 认识 事物 自然 态度 打交道

" In order to pass muster in international society , first of all one must be good at communication . In pursuit of this , a minimum requirement is to acquire a mastery of foreign languages , especially English . Then it is desirable that one be able to look at things from a broad , global perspective , and to be able to associate with people in a natural manner . " (eng)

61263 能够 对方 立场 考虑 问题 能够 分享 心情 自然 态度 世界 交往

It should be possible to look at things from other people 's perspective and , with a " sharing heart and mind , " to associate in a natural manner with the rest of the world 's people . (eng)

61338 即由 经济 状况 以及 先行 统一 其他 加盟 国待 条件 成熟 加入 方式

This method will let Germany , France and the three Benelux countries , where the economic climate is good , to join first , followed by the remaining member states when conditions are met . (eng)

61349 另外 中欧 相邻 经济 联系 紧密 德国 中东欧 加盟 态度 积极 警惕 德国 中欧 确立 支配权 法国 扩持 消极 态度

Germany , which has strong economic ties with the neighboring Central_Europe , is positive about the accession of the Central and Eastern_European nations , whereas , France , being cautious over the possibility of German supremacy in Central_Europe , is reluctant to expand to the East . (eng)

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