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10474 马丁 警长 兴趣 朋友 详细 如何 找到 答案 经过 我们 一切 疑问 解答

" Can I be of assistance ? " (eng)

10498 引起 怀疑 使 逃走

" Did you observe anything very peculiar about that bed ? " (eng)

11041 害怕 " 探身 向前 轻轻 拍拍 手臂 安慰 怀疑 我们 事情 处理 知道 今天 早上 火车

" It is certainly rather a curious production , " said Holmes . (eng) " At first sight it would appear to be some childish prank . (eng) It consists of a number of absurd little figures dancing across the paper upon which they are drawn . (eng)

60559 对于 常识性 传统 下法 提出 疑问 一开始 建立 基础 独创性

He is skeptical of established playing methods and has cultivated his own unique style from scratch . (eng)

61061 对于 法律 资格 司法 实习生 参与 违法 疑点 审讯 实习 乃至 刑事 判决 开头 陈述 问题 [ 最高 法院 [ 司法 研修 决定 三十一日 发出 特别 通知 开头 陈述 实习 适当 指示 法院 检察院 律师 方面 实习生 进行 开头 陈述 实习

In response to the cases of unqualified judicial apprentices being engaged in potentially illegal activities such as pretrial hearings and delivery of opening statements , the Legal_Research and Training_Institute_of_the_Supreme_Court decided to take an unusual step in issuing a notice by the 31st to the prosecution , the bench , and the bar not to let judicial apprentices give opening statements , as " it is not appropriate . " (eng)

61657 产生 疑问 那么 为什么 那样 时候 访

Well then , it begs the question as to why the prime minister chose that particular time to visit the US . (eng)

102098 这里 珍藏 全世界 精致 全面 土生 华人 文物 藏品 可以 解读 对于 独特 融合 文化 所有 疑问

With the finest and most comprehensive collection of Peranakan artefacts in the world, you’ll discover all that you need to know about this unique fusion culture. (eng)

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