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11039 身材 相貌 三十 模样 可是 头发 夹杂 表情 萎靡 憔悴

" Well , Mr. Holmes , what do you make of these ? " he cried . (eng) " They told me that you were fond of queer mysteries , and I do n't think you can find a queerer one than that . (eng)

60925 看来 焕然一新 群星 群线 大赛 美国 装扮 门面

The new Stars and Stripes may well carry home this America_'s_Cup . (eng)

61173 通产省 负责 谈判 滑稽 但是 天谷 面目 天谷 史观

While it was a zareuta ( witty poem ) that Mr._Amaya wrote while he was in charge of negotiations with the United_States at the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry , his true value lied in " Amaya 's view of history . " (eng)

100952 麻圆 芝麻 表皮 酥脆 虽然 长相 平平 入口 便 知道 繁复 制作 过程 奥妙

However , once you bite into it , you will realise what all the fuss is about . (eng) Coated in sesame seeds , these balls are fried till crisp on the outside and are not much to look at . (eng)

101242 新加坡 各种 家居 饰品 商店 购买 自己 钟爱 物件 自己 不时 模样

Give your home a makeover from time to time with supplies from an array of home furnishing stores in Singapore . (eng)

101556 为了 不再 受到 怪兽 侵扰 村民 竹子 可怕 动物 模样 操纵 木偶 一样 活动 起来 同时 敲锣 打鼓 制造 间断 巨大 声响 终于 凶恶 年兽

To put an end to the animal 's ravaging , the villagers put together a fearsome model of an animal using bamboo and paper , and manipulated it like a puppet to scare off the ferocious Nien , along with the loud and persistent banging of drums . (eng)

101568 维拉 玛卡里雅曼 兴都 错过 景点 兴都 专门 供奉 女神 印度教 神秘 面目

For a glimpse of Hindu rituals , do stop by the Sri_Veeramakaliamman_Temple , a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali . (eng)

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