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100383 商场 共有 地上 6 地下 地下 第一 地上 第五 主要 零售 饮食

The mall has six storeys and two basements in total , with the first basement to the fifth floor focused on retail , food and beverage , and the sixth floor with education centres and a car park . (eng)

101644 步入 DeFRED 精致 珠宝 Just Cavalli 时髦 牛仔裤 Vertu 炫彩 手机 Montblanc 水溶 钢笔 是的 人们 这些 眼帘

The ground level features high-end brands like Just_Cavalli , Vertu and Montblanc , while on the second floor you 'll find Singapore 's most famous fashion designer , Ashley_Isham 's boutiques . (eng)

101956 中心 8 层楼 拥有 60 平方英尺 购物 面积 Prada Coach Louis Vuitton 众多 奢侈品 地下 商场 挤满 来自 各行各业 购物 —— 学生 甚至 周一 周五 聚集 这里 品种 齐全 大众 品牌 诸如 Topshop Fred Perry Armani Exchange

A brand new retail experience awaits you at the ION_Orchard , with more than 600,000 square feet of shopping space spanning over eight floors . (eng) The ground level houses luxury brands such as Prada , Ermenegildo_Zegna and Louis_Vuitton , while the basement levels are endlessly packed with shoppers from all walks of life from students and nine-to-five workers , all drawn by the wide variety of high street brands such as Topshop , Fred_Perry and Armani_Exchange . (eng)

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