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100357 位于 城市 中心 Carousel 餐厅 紧邻 DFS 环球 免税 周围 新加坡 著名 购物 区域

Carousel is located in the heart of town , right beside the DFS_Galleria and surrounded by Singapore 's famous shopping haunts . (eng)

100361 Carousel 餐厅 不仅 本地 菜肴 日本 料理 选择 种类 丰富 多样 菜肴 味道 服务质量 同样 无可 挑剔

With a wide variety of dishes from local to Japanese cuisine , it is pleasing to see that Carousel does not fall short in terms of taste and quality of food and service . (eng)

101623 可以 选择 Carousel 位于 中心 自助 清真 餐厅 其它 马来 餐馆 品尝 Soto Ayam 鸡肉 豆芽 鸡肉 或者 加上 土豆泥 压缩 米粉

Also visit Carousel, a halal buffet in the heart of town, or other Malay restaurants to savour the Soto Ayam, a spiced chicken stock served with chicken and bean sprouts, together with your choice of a potato croquette or compressed rice cakes. (eng)

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