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100772 这里 开设 活动 可以 骑车 钓鱼 散步 举行 野餐 滑旱冰 冲浪 滑水 独木舟 海滨 沙滩 绵延 15 公里 众多 餐馆 酒吧 放松 一下 马娜 马娜 海岸 海滩 俱乐部 Mana Mana East Coast Beach Club

There 's plenty to do here bowl , bike , fish , stroll , picnic , rollerblade , windsurf , wakeboard , kayak , or just chill out at any of the many restaurants and bars that line the 15 km stretch of sandy beach , including the Mana_Mana_East_Coast_Beach_Club . (eng)

101309 乒乓球 看起来 非常 容易 毕竟 只是 击打 4 厘米 直径 赛璐珞 运动 而已 堪称 紧张 激烈 运动

Ping pong seems like an easy peasy sports ( after all it 's merely about hitting a celluloid ball with a diameter of 4cm ) but it 's quite possibly one of the most strenuous and fast paced racket based sports around with insane smashes rocketing up to 112 km / h . (eng)

101692 购物 结束 可以 放松 一下 电影 10 保龄球

Marina Square is also a great place to have a meal , with its abundance of cafes and restaurants from casual eateries to comfortable restaurants , and also fast-food restaurants like Carl's Jr. Once you 're done shopping for the day , you can relax , catch a movie at Golden_Village_Cinemas or have a game of ten-pin bowling at the bowling alley . (eng)

102658 如果 观看 全副武装 22 追逐 皮球 想法 没有 吸引力 那么 多元化 比赛 日程 安排 迷人 体育 项目 心动

If the idea of watching 22 men in kits chasing a leather ball does not appeal you , there is always a diverse selection of enthralling sports action in the calendar to pick your fix from . (eng)

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