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10325 出事 夫妻 已经 就寝 穿 衣服 睡衣 外面 便

" And the lady , I fancy , is Miss Stoner , " observed Holmes , shading his eyes . (eng)

10501 穿 法兰绒 衣服 巴拿马 草帽 林立的 胡子 鹰钩鼻 一边 一边 挥动 手杖

Did you ever see a bed fastened like that before ? " (eng)

11025 匆匆 穿上 衣服 分钟 准备 就绪 随同 朋友 来到 楼下 起居室

He tossed a sheet of paper upon the table , and turned once more to his chemical analysis . (eng)

11026 女士 端坐 窗前 身穿 黑色 衣服 厚厚 面纱

I looked with amazement at the absurd hieroglyphics upon the paper . (eng)

11181 姐姐 穿 白天 衣服

" Suddenly , as she spoke , I saw her white face grow whiter yet in the moonlight , and her hand tightened upon my shoulder . (eng)

61931 受灾者 身心 疲劳 伸出 援助 保证 当前 住行 救助人 命相 并列 重要 事情

Along with saving lives , it is a task of utmost importance to extend relief to the victims ' suffering from emotional and physical fatigue and to support them with food , clothing and shelter for the time being . (eng)

100018 同时 日本 品牌 Uniqlo 产品 品牌 服装 线条 轮廓 分明 价格 便宜 服务 友好 时尚 十足 欢迎

Upstairs , you 'll be spoilt for choice at Uniqlo , with its fashionable clean-cut lines and friendly service . (eng)

100236 小小 印尼 上乘 服饰 家族 经营 工作 新加坡 已经 70 历史 专营 色彩 斑斓 印尼 蜡染 印花 物美价廉

This family business has been around in Singapore for more than 70 years , and sells affordable and colourful Indonesia batik , ranging from men 's and women 's shirts to bags and fabrics sold by the metre . (eng)

100238 Basharahil 蜡染 印花 布艺 出售 丝绸 其他 各种 用于 制作 马来 传统 服饰 布料

Basharahil_House_of_Batik has chiffon , silk and other fabrics , which can be made into traditional Malay outfits . (eng)

100239 量身 一套 雍容 华贵 马来 风格 服饰

Many looking to tailor-make traditional costumes in the extravagant Malay style will surely come here to see its offerings . (eng)

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