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10227 所以 觉得 适合 说明 一切

Yet we have not a moment to lose . (eng)

10554 我意 " 这个 美国人 " 相信 证明 自己 有理 办法 全部 事实 出来

Twelve struck , and one and two and three , and still we sat waiting silently for whatever might befall . (eng)

101478 菜单 40 多种 不同 类型 定能 找到 适合 自己 选择

With 40 different types of yakitori on the menu , you 'll be spoilt for choice , especially when the restaurant also features some of the most well-prepared dishes in Japanese cuisine in Singapore . (eng)

101617 不可不 搭配 鸡蛋 羊肉 和面 印度 汉堡 美食 可谓 制作 新颖 源于 开拓 进取 马来 大厨 迎合 吃肉 面包 海外 游客 做出 奇思妙想

A must-try is the roti john or egg with minced lamb loaf , which many claim to be a creative delicacy concocted by an enterprising Malay chef to cater to his meat loaf -loving visitors from overseas . (eng)

101691 滨海 广场 非常 适合 午餐 晚餐 地方 因为 这里 众多 咖啡馆 餐馆 而且 新加坡 第一 Carl s Junior 连锁 快餐店

Marina Square is also a great place to have a meal , with its abundance of cafes and restaurants from casual eateries to comfortable restaurants , and also fast-food restaurants like Carl's Jr. Once you 're done shopping for the day , you can relax , catch a movie at Golden_Village_Cinemas or have a game of ten-pin bowling at the bowling alley . (eng)

101733 如果 喜欢 这位 共产主义 领袖 踌躇满志 手臂 高举 奇特 塑像 Ming Fang 适合

If you want a quirky sculpture of the Communist figurehead with his arms held aloft in triumph , then Ming_Fang is the place for you . (eng)

101829 新加坡 欢迎 餐厅 位于 甘榜 格南 地区 Hajjah Maimunah 这里 温馨 用餐 气氛 尤其 适合 菜肴 选择 范围 广 团体

The most popular nasi padang stall in Singapore is Hajjah_Maimunah_Nasi_Padang in the Kampong_Glam district , which provides a homely dining experience that 's perfect for big groups wanting to sample a wide range of dishes . (eng)

101877 这里 拥有 30 西餐 中餐 泰国 印尼 韩国 料理店 饮料 都会 找到 适合 自己 口味

With more than 30 food and beverage outlets serving Western , Chinese , Thai , Indonesia and Korean cuisine , you 'll also be sure to find something you that suits your palate . (eng)

102029 这个 高档 商场 迎合 希望 产品 装点 住宅 富裕 购物 需要

If you 're an upmarket shopper looking to spruce up your home with a new purchase , Park_Mall is a good location to begin your search . (eng)

102418 步入 新加坡 标志 购物 街区 挑选 适合 自己 商品

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