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108 蕴含 能量 容易 低估

11367 刀子 进去 闩杠撬 起来 裂缝 没有

" The woman 's first instinct would be to shut and fasten the window . (eng)

61113 三十一日 下午 三点五十分 左右 京都 市南区 边町 经营 废品 回收 加藤 二郎 110 报警 自家 起居室 装有 娃娃 玻璃 盒子 打碎 弹痕

At around 3:50 p.m. , December 31 , Jiro_Kato , a waste recycler from Kawabe-cho , Higashi-kujo , Minami-ku_of_Kyoto_City , dialed the emergency number to report , " A glass doll case in the living room on the first floor of my house is broken , and there is a crater in the wall that seems like a bullet hole . " (eng)

61368 余下 40% 45% 排放 经过 腐叶 腐殖质 微生物 生物 反应 无机 转化 机汞 浓缩 积蓄 河鱼 最终 水俣病 一样 摄入 食鱼 沿岸 居民 身体 可能性

There are strong suspicions that 40 to 45 percent of the mercury was dumped into the river , turned from inorganic mercury to organic mercury through the biological reaction with the humic materials in leaf molds and microorganisms , became concentrated and accumulated in fish , and which , in turn , was brought into the bodies of residents along the coast who ate the fish , as was the case with the Minamata_Disease in Japan . (eng)

100005 这里 不得不 甜品 包括 招牌 巧克力 —— 搭配 果馅饼 纯度 64% 法芙娜 巧克力 以及 焦糖 血橙 果汁 冰沙 Araguani H20 —— 72% 法芙娜 巧克力 注入 依云 矿泉水 制作 蛋糕

Creatively-styled concoctions like the Amedei_Chilli_Chocolate and the English_Sticky_Toffee_Pudding are two of the more appreciated items on the menu , while anyone who 's visited would recommend the Araguani_H2O , a 72 percent Valrhona chocolate cake infused with Evian mineral water and with a surprising caramel mousse centre . (eng)

100049 认识 覆盖 岛屿 沼泽 蕴含 巨大 潜力 协助 当地 统治者 谈判 签订 条约 新加坡 建设 成为 贸易 中转站

Recognising the immense potential of the swamp covered island , he helped negotiate a treaty with the local rulers , establishing Singapore as a trading station . (eng)

100202 然而 草药 香料 深色 只是 肉骨茶 制法 其中

Yet, the dark-coloured soup rich in herbs and spices is just one of two versions of bak kut teh. (eng)

100425 采用 开放 概念 大厅 装有 复古 Compton 风扇 家具 水池 富于 戏剧性 地位 餐厅 —— 大华 酒店 传统 时尚 巧妙 融合

From the open concept lobby with vintage Compton fans and furniture , to its dramatic pool that floats above the restaurant , New_Majestic_Hotel is a stunning and eclectic blend of heritage chic . (eng)

100476 小孩 晚辈 高兴 莫过于 拜年 收到 红包

The highlight for children and younger members of the family during these visits comes in little red packets, or “hong bao”, filled with money. (eng)

100528 月饼 使用 上等 新鲜 材料 任何 防腐剂

Made from the finest and freshest ingredients , these mooncakes contain no preservatives . (eng)

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