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713 有关 市集 风格 是否 可以 开始 构建 项目 争论 是否 能够 促成 真正 意义 创新

60096 今年 社会党 致力于 实现 关系 存亡 [ 民主 自由 新党 构想

This year , the Socialist_Party is going to address the realization of the " new democratic and liberal party " concept upon which the existence of the party is staked . (eng)

60279 雕刻 材料 涉及 不管 硬质 材料

The sculptor Tsuchiya consistently works with hard materials , spanning iron , wood and stone . (eng)

60407 伯罗冈 女士 一九九七年 回归 问题 关系 我们 切身 利益

Borongan says , " Our lives are directly connected to the 1997 reversion . " (eng)

61117 加藤 妻子 菊子 凌晨 二点 三点 左右 见嗵 东西 声音 警署 调查 是否 枪击 事件 有关

Kato 's wife , Kikuko , said , " I heard a banging noise as made by a falling object between two and three o'clock a.m. , " and the police are investigating the relationship between her story and the incident . (eng)

61675 可是 关系 日本 根本 重大 问题

However , this is a question that has bearings on the fundamental character of Japan . (eng)

62025 虽然 无遗漏 涉及 当前 面临 政策 问题 但是 关键 优先 顺序 明确 并且 演说 之长 最近 少有 证明

While the speech touched upon the immediate political challenges without missing any , the critical order of priorities was undefined and the unusual length of the speech appears to prove such behaviors of bureaucrats . (eng)

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