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476 已经 延期 项目 增派 人手 拖地

61455 政权 意识 选举 有效率 政府 空喊 相反 编成 哗众取宠 到处 花钱 1995 年度 预算 搁置 粉身碎骨 政策

Aware of the election , the Murayama administration prepared the lavish popularity-seeking 1995 budget , contrary to its call for an efficient " small government , " and postponed the policy to work its fingers to the bones for the citizens . (eng)

62050 再者 灾民 减税 措施 延期 支付 公共 费用 必要

Additionally , it is necessary to put in the measures such as tax cuts , deferrals of public utility payments and others for the evacuees . (eng)

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