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289 10 . 如果 公测 参与者 作为 宝贵 资源 对待 那么 他们 成为 宝贵 资源

10555 责任 警告 这样 可能 不利 " 警长 本着 英国 刑法 公平 对待 严肃 精神 高声

Suddenly there was the momentary gleam of a light up in the direction of the ventilator , which vanished immediately , but was succeeded by a strong smell of burning oil and heated metal . (eng)

61153 显然 如果 议员 国民 代理人 误解 对待 选举 制度 的话 不但 消除 金权 选举 利益 导向型 政治 而且 更加 蔓延 开来

If we engage ourselves in this electoral system with the existing misconception that Diet members are the people 's " agents , " it is patently clear that bankrolled elections and politics of influence peddling will spread further , instead of being eliminated . (eng)

61547 教育 委员会 应该 标准 作为 目标 对待 承认 学校 实施 创意 日制

The Boards should treat the " standard " as a " rule of thumb " and recognize the implementation of a " five-day school system " that is unique to each school . (eng)

61763 因为 资金 流动性 问题 应该 积极 对待

As this is a problem of liquidity , it should be addressed in an aggressive manner . (eng)

61851 作为 焦点 宪法 处理 当初 提出 淡化 改宪 色彩 报告

On how the LDP handled the constitution issue , which attracted great attraction , initially it presented a watered-down report for the amendment . (eng)

62035 关于 处理 问题 首相 十分 明确 诚意 解决 个别 问题 日本 自身 应该 负责 处理 问题 确信 结果 增强 亚洲 国家 信赖 上次 含糊不清

Mr._Murayama was extremely clear in relation to the issue of healing the wounds of war by saying that " the government would address individual cases in good faith as it is a moral responsibility that Japan must take and I am convinced that it will result in earning a greater trust from Asian countries and other nations , " but his phrasing was more hesitant in the previous speech . (eng)

62040 特别是 处理 问题 开始于 容忍 自卫队 安全 保障 重复 妥协 可以 社会党 特色 最后 堡垒 课题

Particularly , after having made numerous concessions starting with the acceptance of the Self-Defense_Forces and the Japan-US_Security_Treaty , healing the wounds of war is the issue that could be called the last bastion of the Social_Democratic_Party to assert its identity . (eng)

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