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60953 河面 飘流 垃圾 很多

Little garbage is found on the river 's surface , which teems with the shadows of fish . (eng)

100456 总体 大部分 中餐 米饭 蔬菜

In general , most Chinese meals offer you rice accompanied by small portions of several types of meat , poultry , fish , and vegetables . (eng)

100588 食物 视为 各种 象征 比如 面条 象征 长寿 牡蛎 象征 财富 象征 兴旺

Food is also used for its symbolic properties , such as noodles for longevity , oysters for good fortune and fish for prosperity . (eng)

100591 大名鼎鼎 酿豆腐 豆腐 客家人

The famous yong tau fu , or beancurd stuffed with fish paste , was a contribution by the Hakkas . (eng)

101159 研钵 可选 宝刀鱼 又称 狼鱼 青花 又称 马鲛鱼 白色 粘稠 即可

The fish paste is traditionally made by beating fish meat , usually Ikan_Parang ( Wolf Herring ) or Ikan_Tengerri ( Spanish_Mackerel ) , with a mortar and pestle into a sticky white paste . (eng)

101279 这里 首推 生猛 海鲜 包括 清蒸 带子 清蒸 蛏子王 菜肴 选用 陈列 餐厅 大门 新鲜 海鲜 精心 烹制

Live seafood dishes that are highly recommended include steamed Soon_Hock fish ( Marble Goby ) , sautéed scallops and steamed bamboo clams , all fresh from the tanks by the restaurant 's facade . (eng)

101622 走进 美食 中心 马来 餐馆 马来 —— 米饭 各种 素菜 —— 尽情 享受

Visit a Malay stall at any food centre and take your pick of nasi padang – a wide variety of spicy meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable dishes, served with rice. (eng)

101703 鱼尾狮 假想 动物 新加坡 重要 国家 名片 象征

An imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish , the Merlion is the most important trademark , and symbol of the country . (eng)

101714 各种 亚洲 风味 齐齐 汇集 即食 牛肋 以及 著名 泰式 开胃 miang pu nim

Enjoy a lively burst of flavours with a good variety of Asian- influenced dishes such as the bite-sized wagyu rib-eye , the Sichuan-style deep-fried soon hock fish and the famous Thai appetiser , miang pu nim . (eng)

101894 清蒸 美味 豆腐 带有 天然 甘甜

The Hokkien-style steamed fish goes well with rice , especially if you 're fond of the natural sweetness of silky tofu . (eng)

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