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11605 当然 必须 召唤 回去 以免 想要 谋害 看到

60952 柬埔寨 长年 战争 使 湄公河 地区 远离 开发 使 河流 免受 污染

Due to Cambodia 's long war , the Mekong lagged behind in development and also remained isolated from such things as river pollution . (eng)

61533 首先 学校 制定 时间表 需要 进一步 精选 学科 上课 内容 以免 定为 休息 周六 课程 追加 其他 日子

For a start , in setting up a timetable , each school needs to select the content of every class even more carefully in order not to make up those hours lost from Saturday school closures by tacking them onto classes on other days . (eng)

100529 供应 传统 广 月饼 中国 中秋 春节 生意 火爆 所以 趁早 订购 以免 失望

Offering traditional Cantonese-style mooncakes , they are extremely popular during the Mid-Autumn_Festival and Chinese_New_Year , so do make your orders early to avoid being disappointed . (eng)

100824 票价 188 3745 不等 赶紧 开始 抢购 以免 失意

Ticket prices are in the range of S$188 to S$3745 , so race to get your tickets now to avoid any disappointment . (eng)

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