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518 为了 有效 运营 竞争 想要 领导 协作 项目 黑客 必须 学会 如何 有效 激发 社区 克鲁泡特金 暗示 ´ 达成 共识 模式 兴趣

60957 法国 泰国 观光者 显著 增加 原来 打烊 商店 现在 营业 深夜

The numbers of French and Thai tourists have jumped considerably and the shopping streets that used to close early are now open late into the night . (eng)

61108 南海 日铁 联运 铁路 彻夜 运行 餐厅 店铺 第一 通宵 达旦 营业

Trains ran on the Nankai and JR lines all through the night to and from the airport , and six shops and restaurants in KIX also operated all-night for the first time . (eng)

100353 Canele 餐厅 周末 营业 凌晨 1 因而 消磨 美好 夜晚 可以 提供 夜店 狂欢 重回 派对 能量 加油站

Open till 1am on weekends , Canele is also the perfect place to end off a good night , or to top up energy levels before ducking back into the clubs for another round of partying . (eng)

100916 亚洲 航空 低廉 飞行 票价 通过 免除 诸如 燃油 附加 经营 费用 得以 实现

Its low prices are made available by the exclusion of administrative charges such as fuel surcharge , and its easy-to-navigate website , www.airasia.com , allows you to book your flight and choose from over 50,000 hotels online . (eng)

100972 联邦 大道 美食 中心 经营 福星 油条 煎堆 Chua Kee Hock 先生 已经 65 妻子 Chan Lay Lee 女士 59 不久 36 女儿 Chua Leng Lin 放弃 教职 加入 父母 生意

Located at Commonwealth_Drive_Food_Centre , Fu_Xin_You_Tiao_Jian_Dui is run by Mr_Chua_Kee_Hock , 66 , and his wife , Madam_Chan_Lay_Lee , 59 . (eng) They have recently been joined by their daughter , 36- year- old Ms_Chua_Leng_Lin , a former pre-school teacher who gave up her job to help her parents . (eng)

101075 黄金 地带 以前 名字 Who Hup Complex 现在 拥有 411 商店 以及 许多 店铺 专门 经营 军用 装备 运输

Formerly known as Woh_Hup_Complex , it has 411 shops in total , and you 'll find all sorts of authentic Thai food , CDs , beer , fashion and you can even watch a Thai band or two perform at night live . (eng)

101885 这里 不少 餐馆 营业 深夜 它们 能够 食客 风格 各异 精致 美食

102358 作为 新加坡 著名 马来 沙爹 不可 错过 美食 许多 熟食 餐馆 以及 美食 中心 —— 海岸 人工 美食 24 小时 营业 老巴刹 美食 中心 找到 专营 地道 沙爹 小摊

One of the most famous Malay dishes in Singapore , satay is a must-try , and is served at many hawkers , restaurants and food centres , including the East_Coast_Food_Lagoon and the famous 24-hour Lau_Pa_Sat_Festival_Market , where no less than a dozen stalls selling only satay hold fort . (eng)

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