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60356 去年 十二月 多伦多 市内 开设 第一 华裔 移民 专用 收费 养老院

Last December the first charging retirement home exclusively for Chinese immigrants opened its doors in Toronto . (eng)

60437 因为 印度 开设 制造 工场 计划

He has plans to build a manufacturing plant in India . (eng)

60646 支持 候选人 议会 联合 组建 [ 联络 协议会 新年 开始 运营

They are going to establish a " liaison council " in early January for the selection and backup of their own candidate , in cooperation with the prefectural assembly members . (eng)

61111 历年 拥挤 大阪市 住吉区 [ 住吉大社 三十一日 下午 十点钟 开门 立刻 挤满 焦虑 等待 人们 神社 人山人海

The Sumiyoshi_Shrine in Sumiyoshi-ku , Osaka_City , which gets heavily crowded every year on the New_Year_'s_Day , was filled with visitors that rushed in after a long wait as the gate was opened at 10:00 p.m. , December 31 . (eng)

100011 这个 购物 中心 正好 地处 索美赛 Somerset 地铁 2009 开业 崛起 迅速 新加坡 当之无愧 热门 购物 目的地

Fast becoming one of the most popular shopping destinations in the Orchard_Road belt , 313 @ Somerset is situated right above the Somerset_MRT station and boasts well-known fashion brands as well as great dining options . (eng)

100218 餐馆 外观 朴实 1970 年代 便 开始 经营 现在 摊主 儿子 接手 位置 正好 马里士他 主干道 黄埔 通道 美食 中心

Located just off the main road of Balestier Road at Whampoa Drive Food Centre, this humble stall has been around since the mid 70s and is currently been operated by the son of the owner. (eng)

100465 盆景 开设 培训 中心 游客 了解 盆景 艺术 渊源 知识

You can also learn the ancient art of tending to the delicate bonsai at the Bonsai_Training_Centre . (eng)

100772 这里 开设 活动 可以 骑车 钓鱼 散步 举行 野餐 滑旱冰 冲浪 滑水 独木舟 海滨 沙滩 绵延 15 公里 众多 餐馆 酒吧 放松 一下 马娜 马娜 海岸 海滩 俱乐部 Mana Mana East Coast Beach Club

There 's plenty to do here bowl , bike , fish , stroll , picnic , rollerblade , windsurf , wakeboard , kayak , or just chill out at any of the many restaurants and bars that line the 15 km stretch of sandy beach , including the Mana_Mana_East_Coast_Beach_Club . (eng)

100773 海岸 公园 开设 耗资 800 新元新 建成 世界级 极限 滑冰 乐园 Xtreme Skate Park 看起来 那些 寻求 刺激 游客 准备

East Coast_Park is also home to a new S $ 8 million dollar , world-class Xtreme_Skate_Park that looks all set to up the thrill seeking ante . (eng)

101057 芽笼 士乃 开设 规模 购物 中心 —— 丹绒 加东 购物 中心 以及 城市 广场 巴耶利峇 捷运 其中 城市 广场 新加坡 印尼 聚集 场所 周末 这里 热闹 景象

There are also a couple of mid-range shopping centres in the area where you can pick up clothes or something for the home ; the Tanjong_Katong_Shopping_Complex and City_Plaza are just a short walking distance from Paya_Lebar_MRT station , and the latter is a hub for Indonesians working in Singapore , who throng the place on weekends to lend it a cheery atmosphere . (eng)

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