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191 理论 重复 劳动 带来 能效 消耗 Linux 世界 一直 问题

11097 星期 铁匠 栏杆 扔进 小河 只是 花掉 收罗 以后 避免 当众 出丑

I showed it to Elsie , and down she dropped in a dead faint . (eng)

61160 但是 希望 即便 花费 时间 一定 制定 立即 排除 胸无大志 候选人 体系

However , even if it may take a long time , we have to create a system to be able to expel immediately those candidates with low or no aspirations . (eng)

101380 这里 可以 30 80 自己 量身 定制 专属 香水

You can even get your own customised signature scent created for between S$30 and S$80 , simply by telling the perfume maker your favourite smells and the type of occasion you 'll be wearing the perfume for . (eng)

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