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61477 新制度 生产者 只要 申报 数量 麻烦 政府 不论 哪里 可以 自由 销售 大米

Under the new system , as long as growers report the quantity , they can sell rice to anybody with no restrictions without going through the government . (eng)

100206 新加坡 穆罕默德 苏丹 酒吧 分布 许多 售卖 肉骨茶 摊档 通常 经营 深夜 如切 可以 著名 肉骨茶 全天 营业

While many stalls situated along Singapore’s popular clubbing strip at Mohammad Sultan Road offer hot servings of bak kut teh late into the night, some of the most famous bak kut teh can be found along Joo Chiat Road, available all through the day. (eng)

100238 Basharahil 蜡染 印花 布艺 出售 丝绸 其他 各种 用于 制作 马来 传统 服饰 布料

Basharahil_House_of_Batik has chiffon , silk and other fabrics , which can be made into traditional Malay outfits . (eng)

100287 Knowledge Book Centre 出售 各种 教科书 过期 杂志 BookPoint 销售 人物 传记 历史 书籍 法律 书籍

The Knowledge_Book_Centre houses school and text books , as well as old magazines , while BookPoint has biographies , history books and law tomes . (eng)

100288 除了 图书 之外 这里 出售 乐器 文艺 用品

It also regularly holds music concerts , book fairs and art competitions . (eng)

100372 世纪 60 年代 80 年代 摊贩 推车 手推车 走街串巷 销售 传统 甜点 情景 曾经 一度 无处不在

100389 最初 粿条 通常 渔民 农民 夜间 售卖 以此 增加 收入 他们 饭菜 加工 小吃 因此 粿条 制法 许多

In its early days , char kway teow was mostly sold by fishermen and farmers who doubled up as food peddlers at night to supplement their income ; they used to use leftovers from meals to whip up this dish , hence its multiple ingredient mix . (eng)

100638 有意思 地方 武吉士 ( Bugis Street Market ) 这里 一度 视作 新加坡 名声 红灯区 现在 热闹 非凡 街区 出售 各式 服装 鞋子 配饰 并且 可以 讨价还价

Another interesting option is the Bugis_Street_Market once considered to be Singapore 's most notorious red light area , it now offers you a bustling three-level hive of shops selling clothes , shoes and accessories at bargain prices . (eng)

100779 可以 电子 产品 商场 中心 森林 广场 分布 层楼 众多 商店 销售 各种 电子 产品 包括 家用 电器 计算机 软件 电视

One large malls which specialise in electronics is the Funan_DigitaLife_Mall , which features several floors of shops selling appliances , computers , software and household electronics such as televisions . (eng)

100847 远东 购物 中心 Far East Shopping Centre 出售 电脑 卫生设备 廉价 时装

You 'll also find computers , health equipment and cheap fashion items in the stores , alongside tailors and other beauty shops , which makes it a great place to get a suit tailored or to get your nails done . (eng)

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