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60564 我们 饭店 迎来 新春

My family spent the New_Year day at a hotel . (eng)

60643 这些 候选人 明确 表态 便 迎来 新年

The New_Year has come without any of these " candidates " announcing a clear intention of running in the election . (eng)

61082 挖掘 岁月 流逝 淹没 历史 问题 新闻 记者 重要 工作 之一 怀 抱负 迎来 新年

On New_Year_'s_Day , we are renewing our recognition that it is one of our critical missions as newspaper reporters to reveal and re-examine the historic facts that remain under cover beneath the shade of time . (eng)

61109 [ 关西 机场 中央 大厅 举行 音乐会 两千 观众 新年 倒数 计时 之后 紧接着 发出 新年 欢呼声 迎来 九五年 感受 二十四 小时 机场 热烈 气氛

In the concert opened in the concourse of Kansai-Kuko_Station , there was a year-end countdown , followed by the yells of " Happy New_Year ! " from the audience of about 2,000 , and the enthusiasm at the beginning of the New_Year was impressive as a sign of 24-hour operation of KIX . (eng)

61440 迎来 50 转折点 新年

The New_Year has dawned and this year will be the milestone " fiftieth year since the end of the war . " (eng)

61583 欢迎 美国 北朝鲜 努力 同时 高度 评价 合作 体制

In addition to welcoming the effort of the US and North_Korea , we applaud the cooperative framework among the three countries , namely , Japan , the US and South_Korea . (eng)

61813 美国 总统 克林顿 迎来 任期 转折点 直接 面临 总统 巨大 考验

At the halfway mark of his term , President_Clinton has been put to a major test as he heads toward the presidential re-election . (eng)

100059 1959 随着 民族主义 发展 新加坡 成立 自治 政府 迎来 首次 普选

In 1959 , the growth of nationalism led to self-government , and the country 's first general election . (eng)

100802 享受 一流 设施 欢迎 前来 位于 乌节 中心 旗舰 水疗

100804 欢迎 尝试 全套 水疗 套餐 传统 温泉 豪华 体验 青春 再现 活力 无穷 倍感 神清气爽

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