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421 经验 有关 隐藏 安全性

779 传统 软件 开发 扮演 角色 显而易见 下级 很多 动机 隐匿 漠视 淡化 问题

101262 红豆 品尝 过程 充满 乐趣 —— 美食 所有 配料 底下 需要 挖掘 这些 美味 宝藏

This fun (if served in a bowl, it usually comes mound-shaped, and all these lovely ingredients are tucked under the ice shavings; so there’s quite a bit of fun to be had by digging your way to the “goodies”) and colourful dessert can be had at food centres all across the city such as the popular Maxwell Road Hawker Centre in Chinatown. (eng)

101519 主打 当代 欧洲 菜肴 Les Amis 餐厅 尤为 注重 葡萄 品级 拥有 东南亚 酒窖 2000 品牌 价值 超过 500 美元

Featuring contemporary European cuisine , Les_Amis places great emphasis on fine wine , with one of the largest cellars in South-east_Asia , comprising of 2000 labels and worth over S $ 5 million . (eng)

101732 许多 古怪 有趣 中国 领导人 —— 毛泽东 塑像

Stuffed full of obscure Chinese pieces from Buddha heads and jade pendants to brass dragons , it also has a collection of statues of former Chinese leader Mao_Zedong . (eng)

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