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160 似乎 坚信

11004 除了 显得 独特 甚至于 近乎 荒诞无稽 案情 其它 案情 从来 不屑一顾 参与 任何 侦查

" So , Watson , " said he , suddenly , " you do not propose to invest in South African securities ? " (eng) I gave a start of astonishment . (eng)

60055 政治 处于 动荡不安 时期 另一方面 官僚 势力 显得 越来越 强大

It seems that " bureaucrats " have become stronger than unstable politics . (eng)

60106 新党 慎重派 支持 政权 推进 [ 社民 自由 政治 采取 参议院 选举 之后 完全 可以 姿态 因此 似乎 难以 找到 妥协

As " the Association_of_the_Supporters_of_the_Murayama_Administration and Promotion_of_Socialist_Democratic_Liberal_Politics , " which takes circumspect attitude towards the establishment of the new party , considers that " it is not too late to establish a new party after Upper_House election , " it will be difficult to reach a compromise . (eng)

60154 新进党 要求 尽快 解散 内阁 进行 大选 似乎 调查 结果 反映 他们 非常 希望 执政党 在野党 换位 →海部 政权 诞生

Members of the NFP , which demands an early dissolution and general election , wrote Kaifu 's name with a hope of the reversal of the ruling and opposition parties and the following creation of a Kaifu administration . (eng)

60508 名人赛 登场 这样 下去 可能 成为 运气 悲惨 棋手 米长 好像 已往 败退 一样 展开 精彩 对弈 最后 终于 四十九 零十一 年纪 成为 有史以来 年龄 名人

It was Yonenaga 's seventh attempt at the Meijin title and it looked like he could remain the " unlucky " shogi player , but he avenged his past defeats with superb game development to win the title and become the oldest Meijin ever at 49 years and 11 months . (eng)

60575 同样 面孔 早晨 新年 显得 有点 好意思

Regular members say " a Happy_New_Year " with an air of profound respect , instead of " Good Morning . " (eng)

60731 口气 不服 满怀 信赖 感情 产生 出来 安心 似乎 置信 无疑

There is a hint of complaint in her voice , but underneath it surely lies a sense of security born from their bonds of trust . (eng)

60898 去年 十月 举行 美国 俱乐部 世界 锦标赛 获胜 澳大利亚 似乎 成为 中心

The main contender will likely be One Australia , which won the America_'s_Cup_Class world championships held last October . (eng)

61887 但是 如果 看到 运送 救援 物资 卡车 开往 受灾 地区 途中 受阻 熊熊 燃烧 大火 仿佛 自然 考虑 还有 更加 切实 可行 措施

However , when the trucks carrying the relief supplies became held up on their way to the disaster area , or when we see the flames left uncontrolled , we can not help but wonder if there were not more precise measures . (eng)

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