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100918 其它 能够 节省 花费 实现 新加坡 目的地 廉价 航班 ( Tiger Airways www.tigerairways.com ) 澳大利亚 捷星 航空 ( Jetstar Airways www.jetstar.com ) 印度尼西亚 ( Lion Air www.lionair.co.id ) 以及 菲律宾 宿雾 太平洋 航空 ( Cebu Pacific Air www.cebupacificair.com )

Other budget airlines that allow you to fly to Singapore without burning a hole in your pocket include Tiger_Airways ( www.tigerairways.com ) , Australia's Jet Star Airways ( www.jetstar.com ) , Indonesia's Lion Air ( www.lionair.co.id ) and the Philippines's Cebu Pacific Air ( www.cebupacificair.com ) . (eng)

102282 装点 Tiger Mountain 熊猫 游乐园 Panda Playground 不同 区域 花灯 展示 财神爷 十二 生肖 华人 喜闻乐见 人物 形象

Watch and be amazed as the floating platform comes to life at night with magnificent lanterns portraying popular Chinese characters such as the God of Fortune and the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, each located at different areas such as the Tiger Mountain and the Panda Playground. (eng)

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