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10219 一连 小时 字母 纸条 来回 掉换

" Why , what do you mean ? " (eng)

11568 停止 抽打 朝上 注视 通气孔 紧接着 黑夜 寂静 之中 突然 爆发 有生 以来 听到 可怕 尖叫

After that I came over , and , as letters were no use , I put my messages where she could read them . (eng)

61217 我们 注视 包括 研究 过程 在内 结果

Including the process of preliminary investigations , we are closely watching for results . (eng)

61356 我们 注视 桑特 委员长 掌舵

We should closely keep an eye on the " navigational skills " of Mr._Santer , the new President_of_the_European_Commission . (eng)

61976 议会 政治 带来 活力 我们 大大 期待 注视 论战

As well , we look forward to and will keep an eye on the debate from the viewpoint of revitalizing parliamentary politics . (eng)

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