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10038 进门 时候 似乎 带来 少许 海岸 浓郁 新鲜 凉爽 空气

She raised her veil as she spoke , and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state of agitation , her face all drawn and grey , with restless frightened eyes , like those of some hunted animal . (eng)

11086 之后 罗伊洛特 医生 放弃 重新 伦敦 开业 意图 我们 一起 斯托克莫兰 祖先 留下 古老 邸宅 过活

I am only a simple Norfolk squire , but there is not a man in England who ranks his family honour more highly than I do . (eng)

11345 现在 我们 抓紧 时间 所以 马上 我们 需要 检查 那些 房间

But there are still four cartridges in the revolver . (eng) Two have been fired and two wounds inflicted , so that each bullet can be accounted for . " (eng)

11451 然后 听到 夜里 就寝 必须 打开 窗户 百叶窗 解开 窗户 搭扣 那儿 作为 我们 信号 随后 可能 需要 东西 悄悄 回到 过去 房间

" Even now I was in considerable difficulty , but a happy thought put me in possession of several other letters . (eng)

11544 福尔摩斯 带来 藤鞭 身边 床上

" I wrote it , to bring you here . " (eng)

11576 手枪 我们 罗伊洛特 医生 房间

She said that she would come down when her husband was asleep at three in the morning , and speak with me through the end window , if I would go away afterwards and leave her in peace . (eng)

11594 这个 叙述 已经 至于 我们 怎样 悲痛 消息 告诉 小姐 怎样 乘坐 早车 陪送 哈罗 交给 好心 姨妈 照看 冗长 警方 调查 怎样 最后 得出 结论 认为 医生 明智 玩弄 豢养 危险 宠物 丧生 等等 没有 必要 这里 一一 赘述

We stood at the window and watched the cab drive away . (eng)

60579 海外 旅行 时候 和服 聚会 场合 适用

When traveling abroad , we find a kimono very useful at a party . (eng)

61001 如果 船主 一定 果园 农家

Charter a small boat and the guide will surely take you to an orchard . (eng)

61107 三十一日 夜间 清晨 [ 关西 国际 机场 聚集 众多 年轻人 家属 前来 参加 庆典 观赏 元旦 日出

From the night of December 31 to the morning of January 1 , many young people and families filled the Kansai_International_Airport to enjoy diverse events and the first sunrise of the New_Year . (eng)

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