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10352 当时 一共 因此 一定 第三者 在场

" Exactly so . (eng)

10552 因为 今天 在场 偶然 掌握 材料 使 不致 受到 控告

Far away we could hear the deep tones of the parish clock , which boomed out every quarter of an hour . (eng)

11476 在场 可能 重要 作用

I had also every cause to think that there was some criminal secret in the matter . (eng)

60493 只有 拼命 下棋 人才 想到 手儿 当时 在场 监督 板谷进 发出 这样 感叹

" Only someone willing to risk his life could come up with those moves " groaned Susumu_Itaya , 9th level , who observed the match . (eng)

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