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61017 中国话 欢迎

The men were offered jobs because they could understand Chinese . (eng)

100018 同时 日本 品牌 Uniqlo 产品 品牌 服装 线条 轮廓 分明 价格 便宜 服务 友好 时尚 十足 欢迎

Upstairs , you 'll be spoilt for choice at Uniqlo , with its fashionable clean-cut lines and friendly service . (eng)

100164 作为 休闲 旅游业 备受 推崇 佳境 新加坡 堪称 欢迎 度假 理想 不胜枚举 风景 名胜 在此 吸引 游客 前来 究竟 愉悦 旅游 体验 满意

A highly regarded location in the leisure sector , Singapore is a popular holiday destination that offers a myriad of attractions and locations to explore and discover , for an enjoyable travel experience . (eng)

100226 Bangsawan 故事 情节 源于 其他 流行 儿童 文学 作品 其中 包括 Bawang Putih Bawang Merah Sang Nila Utama 王子

Other popular children 's tales that inspire bangsawan plots include Bawang_Putih_Bawang_Merah and Sang_Nila_Utama . (eng)

100381 这个 位于 乌节 购物 欢迎 购物 中心 Robinson s Cold Storage 品牌 Times 书店

This popular Orchard_Road mall is also home to Robinson 's , Cold_Storage and Times bookstore , to meet all your fashion , grocery and reading desires . (eng)

100397 如果 前往 祖卡 酒吧 享受 夜生活 不妨 附近 锡安 熟食 中心 无需 寻找 长龙 顾客 就是 最好 地标 欢迎 摊档 享受 美味 粿条

If you 're heading to Zouk for a spot of clubbing , then why not stop off at the nearby Zion_Road_Hawker_Centre ( no need to mention the stall here ; you 'll recognise it instantly from its long queues of eager customers ) for a scrumptious plate of this famous dish from a much-lauded , famous hawker . (eng)

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