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100528 月饼 使用 上等 新鲜 材料 任何 防腐剂

Made from the finest and freshest ingredients , these mooncakes contain no preservatives . (eng)

101297 印度 餐馆 菜单 通常 温和 咖哩 滑腻 酸奶 唐杜里 Tandoori 粘土 唐杜里 印度 烙饼 小扁豆 甜点 以及 甜食 印度 餐馆 比如 Annalakshmi 提供 素食 印度 thosai 以及 咖喱

A North Indian menu at a restaurant like Spices of India features mild curries, creamy yogurt based dishes, tandoori items baked in a tandoori or clay oven, fluffy naan breads, lentils, desserts and milk-based sweetmeats, while a South Indian restaurant such as Annalakshmi offers you vegetarian thosai and fiery curries enriched with coconut milk. (eng)

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