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11175 尽管 灌下 白兰地 请来 医生 一切 努力 徒劳无功 因为 奄奄一息 濒临 死亡 咽气 之前 没有 重新 苏醒

She implored me to come to bed . (eng) I told her frankly that I wished to see who it was who played such absurd tricks upon us . (eng)

60188 年纪 我们 年轻 时候

Elders say , " We learned as we threw up when young . " (eng)

60199 装蒜 有些 依然 大叫 继续 畅饮

Tough guys are still drinking in high spirits with yells of " Give me another ! " and " C'mon , that 's not enough ! " (eng)

61934 进入 受灾 地区 村山 富士 首相 一定 耳闻 目睹 掬起 喷洒 道路 自来水 以及 个人 饭团 情况

Upon his visit to the disaster area , Prime_Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama must have seen and heard the situation where people scoop and drink tap water spouting on the street and three people are sharing one rice ball . (eng)

101405 如果 完成 高尔夫球 感觉 疲乏 渴望 畅饮 的话 这里 可以 许多 饮食 选择 其中 Izumi 可以 品尝 美味 日本 料理 Time Out Pub 酒吧 品脱 啤酒

If you 're hankering for food and drinks after an exhausting golf session , choose from a plethora of world culinary options including delectable Japanese cuisine from Izumi and pints of lager from Time_Out_Pub. (eng)

101879 这里 设有 酒吧 健身房 这样 即使 购物 体力 精力 可以 健身房 活动 一番 或者 回家

With bars and a gym , you can also grab a drink or hit the treadmill if shopping for the day has not tired you out . (eng)

102548 世纪 交接 诞生 新加坡 司令 最初 名为 海峡 司令 色泽 因而 女士 饮用

In turn, Singapore has the honour of having one of the hardest cocktails to make. (eng) Formulated at the turn of the century, the Singapore Sling was initially called the Straits Sling, and was created as a lady’s cocktail, hence its pinkish tone. (eng)

102655 如果 体验 一下 典型 中心 地带 活动 当地 酒馆 公共场所 看一看 那里 球迷 —— 他们 通常 喧闹 中年 本地 热衷 虎牌 啤酒 博彩 投注 —— 然后 他们 尽情 宣泄 其中 包括 发自 内心 痛苦 喜悦

For a quintessentially heartland experience , scoot down to one of the local joints to watch fans usually boisterous middle-aged local punters imbibing Tiger beer following the action , which includes heartfelt expressions of anguish and joy . (eng)

102778 流行 饮料 多样 不加 炼乳 不加 等等

This popular beverage comes in a few guises : hot , cold , with or without milk , with or without sugar , and in recent times it has evolved to take on competing versions that have cropped up in cafes like Starbucks and the Coffee_Bean ; you can now find chai lattes at numerous coffeeshops which are delicious and are much cheaper too . (eng)

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