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10178 ' 假如 真叫 生气 的话 希尔顿 咱们 可以 出去 旅行 躲开 讨厌 '

" That was what the county coroner asked me at the inquiry . (eng)

10258 事情 可怕 " 站长 " 希尔顿·丘比特 妻子

But what in the name of the devil ! " (eng)

11433 并不 那么 太平 通吧 哎呀 万恶 世界 聪明人 如果 脑子 为非作歹 糟透

" Having once recognized , however , that the symbols stood for letters , and having applied the rules which guide us in all forms of secret writings , the solution was easy enough . (eng)

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