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405 计算 资源 昂贵 时期 文化 遗留 以致 解析 过程 必须 尽可能 简洁 廉价

410 现在 语言 人性化 远比 降低 计算 成本 重要

11226 决定 采取 什么 步骤 以前 希望 了解 细节 胜数

I confess that I was filled with curiosity , but I was aware that Holmes liked to make his disclosures at his own time and in his own way , so I waited until it should suit him to take me into his confidence . (eng)

60132 虽然 九一年 出生 一千六百六十 出生 人口 单位 超过 年度 第二 生育 高峰 七三年 以来 七三年 出生 人数 五万三千三百零一

Although the year 1991 also marked an increase of 1,660 over the previous year , it was the first increase in the number of births by the " tens of thousands " since 1973 , when 53,301 more births than the previous year were recorded due to the second baby boom . (eng)

102676 运动 新加坡 非常 流行 消遣 方式 原因 便是 得益 这里 配备 难以 计数 世界级 运动 设施 能够 满足 各种各样 运动 需求

Sports is a popular past-time in Singapore and one of the reasons is because there of the numerous world-class facilities to cater to all kinds of sports . (eng)

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